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FIBC baffle bag (Q-bag)

FIBC baffle bag can be manufactured in various sizes to customer needs or after the standard format of international pallets.

We are able to produce form stable big bags in a single-layer or our more sophisticated bag in a double-layer.

We can also offer form stable big bags with liners in LDPE, PE/PA/PE, EVOH and aluminum.


Our baffle FIBC bags can be manufactured with tight seams and all the accessories that we offer to our standard bags.

The advantage of our baffle FIBC is that the bag stays within the format required to stacking and carrying the goods, with a better result and at a lower cost.

We offer formstable FIBC with antistatic fabric Type-B, Type-C and Type-D.

For products that are slightly larger in size, where the goods in the bag do not flow through the holes in the baffles (the interior walls).

The Q-Bag has four baffles that maintain the shape of the bag. We can offer 2-4 panels in our Q-bags and these FIBC are best suited for powders and granules.

The baffle can be made of PP fabric, like the bag itself, but are also available in a net, like in our Type-C and Type-D bags to conduct static electricity.

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