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Type B FIBC Antistatic

A type “B” bag is constructed from insulating fabric with a breakdown voltage of less than 6 kV. This provision prevents the risk of energetic sparks and propagating brush discharges which can ignite dust-air mixtures and flammable gases and solvent vapors. Type “B” bags may be used in the presence of the combustible dusts with MIE greater than 3mJ, but only in the absence of flammable vapors of gases. Type “B” bags are sometimes called antistatic bags, but it should be noted that type “B” bags only provide limited protection against static electricity and they do not provide any mechanism for dissipating static charge.

Used safely to transport dry, combustible powders (MIE > 3 mJ)
There are to be no flammable solvents or gases present around the bag
DO NOT USE to transport flammable products (MIE < 3 mJ)


Filling and emptying specific products can cause static electricity, caused by friction with the FIBC or in the filling product, and this can lead to explosions or fires, even in a neutral atmosphere.

Our antistatic FIBC are produced  from raw materials with antistatic properties, dissipates electrical charges from the bag, and thus solve this serious security problem that may occur during filling and emptying of FIBC.

Our big bags are ranked from type A to type D, depending on their electrical conductivity.

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