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FIBC 1 Loop

FIBC with 1 loop can be manufactured in various sizes according to customer specifications.

FIBC with 1 loop can be manufactured with coated fabric on one side or on both sides.

1 loop bags are popular for fertilizer, pellets, briquettes, cereals, recycling, chemicals, minerals, cement, salt, lime and foodstuff.


The advantage of the 1 loop bag is that it can be lifted with one hook or with equipment that can lift many sacks at the same time.

This design is very cost-effective where large volumes are handled and packaged. The bags are very easy to stack which provides a cost-effective storage.

We can also offer 1 loop FIBC with an inner bag made of  LDPE ,aluminum,conductive and antistatic li ner.

Our big bags with 1 loop can be manufactured with tight seams and all the accessories that we offer to our standard big bags.

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