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FIBC for Food and Pharmaceuticals

The big bags for foodstuff and hygienic requirements can be offered in different sizes according to customer specifications, or after the standard format of international pallets.

These bags are produced in cleanroom production, which is the international designation. Our big bags come with a certificate to assure our customers that this product is approved for foodstuff.

Cleanroom production is also important for products used for chemical and pharmaceutical products.


In the production facilities where these bags are manufactured, the equipment is grounded in order not to create static electricity, which attracts dust and other particles to the equipment.

During production, the fabric never touches the floor. It runs on a track above the floor.

The ventilation system is an important part in the cleanroom production and there is an air lock that separates these rooms from other parts of the production.

The products are checked with metal detectors to make sure there are no loose metal objects in the bags. The bags are connected to high pressure blowing and any loose fibres are removed from the big bags.

We have the ability to produce formed big bags for food/hygiene with a single-layer or our more sophisticated bag in a double-layer. We also offer formed big bags with an inner bag made of LDPE, PE/PA/PE, EVOH and aluminum. We can also offer blue colouring in the inner bags to identify the package containing a food product.

Our food/hygiene big bags can be manufactured with tight seams and all the accessories that we offer to our standard bags. 

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