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Cross corner loop U panel type bulk bag

Golden Bridge Packing gives you access to a large inventory of U-Panel bulk bags that work for your every need, from budget to storage to transport. Our U-Panel bulk bags offer:
A 4-panel design that maintains the ideal shape, your best option when you need maximum load capacity for cost-effectiveness and stability for safer stacking, lift and transport.
A sought-after baffle design that allows you to stack our FIBCs, saving you floor space.
Your choice of food-safe storage. Every food-grade FIBC from Midwestern Bag & Supply is manufactured in a certified clean room, meets stringent FDA and AIB standards, and is crafted on machinery oiled with food-safe lubricants.
Your choice of nonflammable and antistatic construction. Stack, store, lift and transport dry goods in any environment, including spaces where flammable materials threaten the safety and security of your employees and assets.
The option to customize your bags for your specific storage, lift and transport needs, plus the ability to print your U-Panel bags with the text or logo of your choice, including color logos.


The Quality You Expect in an Industry-Leading FIBC

  • Test every U-Panel bag for quality and safety. Explore our products and see why our bulk bags, many of which are reusable, are some of the strongest in the industry.
  • Manufacture bags that withstand the damaging effects of ultraviolet light, protecting their contents (and saving your budget).
  • Achieve certifications from industry leaders such as UN , SGS, Type C& type D qualified certificate  and ISO 9001:2015.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Design and manufacture a wide range of flexible packaging solutions, including circular bags, four panel type bags and more.

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